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The House of Perna was built to create clothing to enhance the beauty of the woman who wears it.  We strive to help her stand out in a crowd, and exude her natural inner light.

We believe that fashion is the highest form of self expression, and we want to help the women of the world put their most fashionable foot forward. 

We create clothes for the woman who is trend conscious without being overly trendy. We know her style is constantly evolving, and want to be sure we provide her with what she needs in her fashion evolution.

We believe in making high quality, luxurious American made clothing.  We are fully committed to bringing production back to The United States. 

We want the world to see that America still has what it takes to create beautiful clothing on our own soil, and help the people in our country find jobs. 

We feel that it is imperative to not just follow trends, but create a look that is our own.   We value the fundamentals of design, and believe it is our duty to create pieces that are aesthetically pleasing, and visually stimulating. Color, texture, and attention to detail are taken very seriously at The House of Perna, and we promise to always stay true to our values.

We believe in giving back to those in need, and helping future generations to follow their dreams, realize their potential and never give up.




Amanda Perna first discovered her love of fashion while doing theatre as a child. It evolved into a deep-rooted passion while studying Apparel Design at the University of Alabama. At 19, she created her first clothing brand, Couture Chaos. While in school, Amanda worked as an intern for Oscar de la Renta and Calvin Klein. Upon graduation, she accepted a job at Calvin Klein, where she worked as a designer for four years.

Amanda appeared on Project Runway Season 9 and is a featured expert host on In addition to designing, she is also a world class stylist.  Amanda has styled fashion shows, photo shoots and for individual clients.  Her client list includes Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdales. Amanda is proud to be doing her part to produce beautiful, quality garments in the USA.

The House of Perna is her homage to the bright colors of her South Florida childhood, and the bold strong silhouettes of her life in NYC.